A Prayer. A Promise. A Proclamation.

Before I say anything at all and begin my testimonial journey both here and in the world, first I must pray and confess these words:

Thank you, God – for your love,mercy, and grace. My heart, my soul, and my entire life belongs solely to You and You alone. I wish nothing more than to worship You in body, spirit, and truth. Anoint the words that I speak that they may align with Your will, Your desires, Your word, and be to Your great pleasure. I love You. I love Your word. I love my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I love ALL souls. I love who You made me to be. May You reach millions through the life You have given to me. For I do not belong to myself. That I may encourage both lost and saved to boldly pick up their cross and follow You. Glory be ONLY to Your name, oh, Father {Yahweh}! Thank you for Your son and His sacrifice on Calvary. Thy will be done, Lord.

In Jesus’ {Yeshua} Name.

 Forever. Amen.



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