Thank You.


This past month has just been wow.

This is not one of my normal blogs. This is a thank you blog. A resounding thank you to God for all his goodness and mercy, a grateful thank you to you all who continue to support me in my walk with Christ, and a loving thank you to my son who has been so patient with me.

I can say that I am so blessed. I know people look at my situation and think I’d be miserable, but how wrong are they! I have never been happier. It’s so ironic because the circumstances I used to dread and be ashamed of, I thank God for everyday. He has been molding me all this time and I didn’t even realize it (although I had been praying for Him to for weeks now lol).

God is so good! And while I’ve simply been busy keeping my eyes on Him and being obedient to His word, He was in the background transforming me and putting me in position to prosper His kingdom. I just feel like such a different woman than I was a year ago, even a month ago. This is what being in Christ is all about – Change. Real and genuine change. Letting the word of God edify you, letting the Holy Spirit lead you, and allowing Jesus to be everything you need Him to be in every way and at any given time.

I no longer permit my emotions, my flesh, and my ego to be the front runners. Instead, I have found joy in being led in spirit and in truth.

It’s so important for us to build our spiritual muscles if we’re going to stand against the schemes of the enemy.

One of the biggest things I prayed for were for more bold, God-fearing friends and I have been meeting people left and right ever since. Thanks y’all for coming into my life like a hurricane of love, grace, and godly wisdom. It’s a breath of fresh air to be by surrounded God’s people, including my church. I have recently been able to make it some Sundays and it’s been a blessing to see their smiling faces again. My pastor is a great man of God and I am thankful for Him.

I no longer feel lonely although most of the time it’s just my son and I. Instead God has revealed His presence to me and now I just bask in it all day like an addict. Haha. When I pray I feel Him close to me and listening. When I read the Word I hear Him speaking to me.

This is why I will always support relationship over religion. Religion is dead, but Christ is not. Our God is very alive and He wants to get to know you and you, him. It has to be personal. You must go before Christ yourself for true salvation.

I am satisfied in God. More than I have ever been satisfied in my entire life by the things, people, and accolades of this world. I am complete. I am free. I am His.

What we sow, we will reap. I have been sowing faithfulness like never before these past couple of months and God has not let me down.

To keep this blog short, I just have to brag on my little guy before ending. My son has been so selfless whenever I am working on something God has called me to do. We spend loads of quality time together and it just amazes me how mature he is for toddler that he realizes when mommy needs a little space. He is my heart and I love him to pieces which is why I am making a conscious effort to dedicate this weekend to him. Whatever his heart desires!

All in all…

This is my THANK YOU

To everyone who have been involved with me becoming a better and stronger woman.


Alicia ♡


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